Festivals and Meetings

All common spaces are wide, comfortable and the atmosphere is very  pleasant.

You’ll also find a large terrace where you can enjoy the meal you have prepared in the common kitchen or simply have a drink and relax.


  • You can decide to make the traditional reservation in a restaurant, but you already know what is going to happen. Everybody sitting at a to long table, in a to small space, with resut that you stay sited with the same 6 persons and you don’t have the occasion to see all your group.
  • So the resume of your event will be: You sit down, you order, you wait, you eat, you pay and you’re leaving.
  • Do it differently at LouLou’s. We offer multiple options to make a memorable event.
  • You can choose to bring you food or call a food service company or even better, ask us to prepare your meal. We can do it traditional or serve you small cocktail snack. Ask for it, we’ll do it.
  • And you will be able to see all your friends and family.  The large and comfortable common spaces will give you the occasion to meet everyone without the crowd. Even better, you won’t have to “attach” the kids on their chair.
  • You can also hire a singer/musician or a Karaoke.
  • You can rent the facilities with or without sleeping accomodations.
  • For a successfull party without spending a fortune, choose LouLou’s hostel.

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